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70.EDNA GLADNEY : CELESTE : PARKER : RACHEL : TARRANT COUNTY : I am searching for my birth parents. I was born October 2, 1986 in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, TX. I know that my birth father was from Scotland, and he had a daughter there about 5 years older than m ...
71.EDNA GLADNEY : BUCKINGHAM : DEANDA : I am searching for my son who would have been born Oct. 17, 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas. He was adopted through the Edna Gladney Agency. I am hispanic and his mother is caucasion. I was 16 and she was 1 ...
72.EDNA GLADNEY : HARDIN : OXNAM : I was adopted from the Edna Glandney Center for Adoption. I was born on Nov 11, 1970 at 7:21 pm at Duncan Memorial Hospital, Fort Worth TX. I am searching for my birth mother. To date, all I have is u ...

73.EDNA GLADNEY : BRYANT : i'm looking for my birth mother, 18 when she had me, about 5'5", brown hair brown eyes, i was born 02/17/1991, and adopted from edna gladney in fort worth. ...
74.EDNA GLADNEY : FILLIP : I am looking for a search angel that can help me find my birth mother. I was born in Sept. 17, 1983. Please let me know if you can help. ...
75.EDNA GLADNEY : Looking for my birth daughter. Born August 26 1981. The only baby born that day at Edna Gladney. Thanks to Rn4babies she was found. ...
76.EDNA GLADNEY : FROST : I am searching for my birth mother. We believe she was 17 at the time. 5'3, 115 pounds, dark blonde hair, medium complexion, blue eyes. I was adopted through Edna Gladney center and was born on 11/23/ ...

77.EDNA GLADNEY : I was adopted from Edna Gladney. We believe I was either born in Cook's Childrens hospital or at the Edna Gladney Center in FT.Worth TX. I was born on 11/23/1985 at 10:20 a.m. and was about 13 days ol ...
78.EDNA GLADNEY : I am searching for my daughter, born March 18,1982 at Edna Gladney in Ft. Worth, Texas. I received a letter that had been in my file for 15 years, and I do know that her name is Lynn. That is all I ...
79.EDNA GLADNEY : Looking for Daughter born and adopted from Edna Gladney. Birth date July 2, 1986. I know she was the 1st child adopted by her adopted parents. I do not know if more children were adopted later. Wh ...

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