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20.EDNA GLADNEY : ALLSPAUGH : Looking for birth mother or father. EDNA GLADNEY ADOPTION, Fort Worth Tx. Male, born February 6, 1965 at 1:18pm, weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21" long. Birth mother was 19, 5'5" with Blue eyes and brow ...
21.EDNA GLADNEY : BABY DEAN : BABY DEAN : Male looking for my birth parents. I was born in wichita falls, Tx Dec. 6, 1967. I was born on Sheppard AFB. Birth father was in the Air Force. I was adopted throught the Edna Gladney Home in Ft. ...
22.EDNA GLADNEY : KELLY : KREMER : I am a birth Mother to a girl born November 4, 1982, I was a resident at Edna Gladney. I believe she was adopted by a family and they already had a son. She was not born at the Edna Gladney hospital ...
23.EDNA GLADNEY : Female Child born Jan,1981 ...
24.EDNA GLADNEY : HOOKER : MOORE : RAMSEY : I'm looking for my mom's birth mother & father. Mom (Brenda Hooker Ramsey) was born July 12, 1954 in ft worth Texas. She was in foster care for a few months & was considered unadoptable because they ...
25.EDNA GLADNEY : ISO Birth Mother, Father, Siblings, etc. Female baby born March 18, 1981 possibly in Muenster, Texas. Adopted through EDNA GLADNEY in Fort Worth, Texas. Birth mother and father were not married. Birt ...
26.EDNA GLADNEY : DAISY : GLADNEY : OCTOBER : Born October 4, 1983 to a woman - 19 and man - 22. Placed for adoption through Edna Gladney in Ft. Worth Texas. My tag name was Daisy... I am trying to search for any medical history, etc. ...
27.EDNA GLADNEY : PORT ARTHUR : ST MARYS HOSPITAL : I was born 11/18/72 port arthur st marys hospital 5:25am. Mom age 37 dad 31. Mom had 3children dad married with 5 children. Dr Gene Jones was attending physician. Mom was catholic dad baptist. Im look ...
28.EDNA GLADNEY : HUGHES : I was born on feb 27 1989 at 5:31 am I was 3lbs 13 ounces and 16 3/4 inches. My birth mother was 19 caucasion of English, German, Irish and Scottish desent. She was 5'1 and weighed 125 pounds had brow ...
29.EDNA GLADNEY : FORT WORTH : HAWKINS : MARKHAM : SON : I am a male born 2/6/1987 at edna gladney in fort worth. My birth mother left me a letter that i recently read. I would like to meet either one of my parents. I think they were around 18 or 19 at the ...

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