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40.ALFRED : RHETT : Birth father ...
41.ALICIA NICOLE CUNNINGHAM : I am searching for my birth parents.i was born on June 28, 1993 around 3 am in Pickens county, Alabama. i am light skinned with long lack hair. I am 19 years old now and after birth, have been living ...
42.ALLEN : RICHARDSON : Looking for info on a Green Burr Albert Allen or Greenberry Albert Allen died 1907, lived in Tenn. Tullahoma and/or Columbia Tn. area. Had a wife Laura/Lora E. Richardson,they had at least one male ch ...
43.ALLEN : DAUGHERTY : MASSENGALE : SHIFLETT : I am searching for information on David L. Shiflett, and his sister Mary Shiflett. David was born in Garfield County, OK, in 1912 his sis Mary around 1918. They were the adopted children of Joseph and ...
44.ALLEN : CLEMENTS : I am searching for my birth father. I have contact with birth mother but she will give me little to no information about my birth father. He was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia in 1969-1970 and ...
45.ALLEN : ANY ONE : HELP : UNKNOWN AT BIRTH : I am looking for my birth mother. She gave birth to me on Jan.24,1976 in Pamama City, Fl. She was still in high school, and my father was a family friend who was older.I also believe that my birth mot ...
46.ALLEN : CLARK : MCKENZIE : White female,born May 27,1976 in Atlanta,GA.Searching for birth mother or any family.Birth mother is supposedly from Florida(Orlando area),birth grandmother's name supposedly named Ellie ...
47.ALLEN : ALEXANDER : BEALE : WALLS : When I was pregnant with Jeffery Alexander, I was living with Hattie Beal. Friends of hers came over and casually said they wish they could have my baby. I said "are you serious"?, and that was it. Af ...
48.ALLEY : GOLDEN : My name is Lena. My mother was 14yrs old when she gave birth to me. I was born July 19,1965. My heart still aches for her. I was told I was named after he grandmother. She had a younger sister and ...
49.ALLRED : STANTON : I am looking for birth parents for my dad. He has passed away, but I have always wondered who his real parents were. He was born Harold James Allred on November 13, 1943 in Birmingham, Alabama. I k ...

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