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1.CLARK : I am looking for my birth mother. I was born on April 25, 1982. My birth name was Kandice Clark. I was born at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. ...
2.BURROWS : BURROWS : BURROWS : BURROWS : MEADOR : MEADOR : MEADOR : MEADOR : Searching for birth mother. I am a female born in Duarte, California on 12/12/68. My adopted name was Meador. I believe that Burrows may have been my mother's last name but I am not sure. ...
3.MARIANNE CIGLIANO : My name is Marianne I am looking for my birth parents. I was born December 11,1971. I think my mother was French and my father was American Indian. I was born in Encino CA thru children's home society ...
4.MAC KENZIE : Adoption of Baby Girl Mac Kenzie - John Wesley County Hospital March 13, 1966. 4:33 pm County of Los Angles Bureau of Adoptions. Birth parents were married. ...
5.NONE : Searching for biological parents/siblings. I was born May 27,1971 female @ Booth memorial Hopital, Los Angeles, CA... birth mother was said to be 16yrs old, being raised by widower. birth father to be ...
6.DAVIS : SPEETH : Fe.adoptee born 7/11/1966 1120am as baby girl Davis. Birth mom S. Davis I was born at Cedars of Lebanon Los Angeles ca . Birth father found J. Speeth adopted name is Linda Turner both my adoptive pare ...
7.GACOSCOS : lourdes mamerta gacoscos ...
8.GACOSCOS : lourdes mamerta gacoscos ...
9.GEISSLER : MITCHELL : I am searching for my birth parents, mostly to get medical history. I was born in Santa Monica, CA at St. Joseph's Hospital on June 25, 1968. My mother was assisted by Children's Home Society of Los A ...
10.BURROWS : MEADOR : Searching for birth mother. I was born in Duarte, California on 12/12/68. ...

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