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1.HAYES : OXBOW : I am searching for my birth family. I was born in White river, AZ. May 31,1966. Contact me at my E-mail: wesley_hayes45@yahoo.com . Thank you ...
2.FALLAT : MOFFIT : I am in search of my birth mother/siblings. I was born April 27, 1964 in Maricopa County. Not sure which hospital. I was adopted through the Catholic Diocese. My adoptive parents lived in Phoenix. Th ...
3.YOUNGBLOOD : My Birth Son. Born 9/4/1974 in Holbrook, Az... I was barely 16 yrs old and was forced by parents to give baby up for adoption. He was adopted to a couple straight from the hospital. Adoption was throu ...

4.BAKER : CARSON : GRAY : GREY : IRVING : Janet Fayleen Baker, biological mother Billy Governor Grey, biological father, not sure the name is correct. DOB: 19 Nov 1978 Mesa, AZ Janet's step father was the lawyer that found my adoption p ...
5.1982 : CUNNINGHAM : DINGLE : PHOENIX : RATHBUN : Searching for birth mother. I am a 33 yr old female born 05/01/1982 In Phoenix AZ Maricopa county. Adopted thru Family Services Agency to a Gail P.(Rathbun, maiden) and Jerry A.Dingle. I have been tol ...
6.MADSEN : searching for birth mother , possibly named arlene. baby girl born at good samaritan hospital phx az july 1962. birth mother hospitalized around 10 days after birth, as I was a breech baby. ...
7.ADOPTIVE NAME DABB : UNKNOWN : I was born April 01 1974. In Prescott Arizona. I'm male born around 4:22 p.m. searching for bio family. Any help would be great. AZ is closed and all info is stated above. I believe it was LDS service ...
8.PETERSON : I am a female born on February 25, 1979 in Phoenix Arizona at Good Samaritan Hospital. I am looking for my birth parents/siblings. I was adopted out through LDS Social Servies, I think. I grew up i ...
9.CLARK : SEREY : Birth parents of my son, whose birth name was Nathan Clark. He was born in Maricopa County Medical Center in Phoenix on June 21, 1983. He had a twin sister who died after about eight days. They were p ...
10.ASHLEY : I was born in Phoenix, AZ on 27 August 1969 at Doctors Hospital as baby boy Ashley. The attorney who handled the adoption was Osmond Burton. His records have since been destroyed. I am looking for any ...

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