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430.SIMS : WRIGHT : Birthmother looking for adoptee born 02/24/74.Tampa Florida. ...
431.BRIGGS : CABRERA : SINGLETARY : my birth mother. Her name was margret juanita singletary. I was born at Tampa general 4/11/69 my name at birth was Daphne lynn cabrera ...
432.LAWRENCE : I am looking for birth mother and her family. I was born 2/25/1965 in Largo, Florida. My birth mother was 19 and had 4/5 sisters and one brother who was 5 at the time I was born. My birth mothers moth ...

433.EICHOLZ : MARAQUIN : I am looking for my siblings.To start with first I am looking for Karen Eicholz born around 67/68,& Bruce Chorvotte born a couple of years after Karen.The info I have is that my mother was married to ...
434.CULLER : Any of my biological family My bm was 15 in 1978 and my bf was 18. I was born at Tampa General Hospital August 28, 1978. ...
435.CRISAFULLI : I am looking for my mother. I was told she was 15yrs of age at my birth June 5, 1968 in Tampa Bay, Florida at St. Joseph's Hospital. I was also told that my birth mothers father was a professor at a l ...
436.SPINELLA : birth parent ...
437.CHRISTENSEN : I am looking for my birth mother or father. I was born in Tampa, FL on 11/2/1957. The adoption was handled through the Children's Home Society. Both birth parents were 24 at the time. Mother, 5'4", br ...
438.DORRION : RIGGIN : In 2004, I was forced to sign away my rights by the state of Florida. My daughter was then adopted by the Dorrions, Mark & Joyce. My daughter is going to be 8 years old this year. She has long, dark c ...
439.BRENDA BARRINGER : BRENDA KILBURNE : DAWN MARIE KILBURNE : I am looking for my sister. She was born to a Dawn Kilburne on October 04, 1982 at appoximately 5:54 a.m. in Tampa, Florida. The family that adopted her flew in from out of state somewhere. I am un ...

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