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1.BIRTH FATHER : BIRTH FATHER : BIRTH FATHER : BIRTH FATHER : CHARLES WATSON TEN EICK : CHARLES WATSON TEN EICK : CHARLES WATSON TEN EICK : CHARLES WATSON TEN EICK : MARY ANNA HAMILTON TEN EICK : MARY ANNA HAMILTON TEN EICK : MARY ANNA HAMILTON TEN EICK : MARY ANNA HAMILTON TEN EICK : TEN EICK : TEN EICK : TEN EICK : VINCENT : VINCENT : VINCENT : VINCENT : i am baby boy vincent born in fulton county, ga on feb 2, 1966. Children's bureau of sc in columbia placedme up for adoption with my adoptive parents i greenville, sc.my birth mother left instructions ...
2.UNKNOWN : Looking for information on my birth parents.I am a female and was born prematurely on August 20 1970 at Fort Gordon Army Hospital in Augusta Georgia. I was adopted and taken home from the hospital 15 ...
3.COOK : TURNER : I am looking for my son named Zachary by his adoptive parents. Born August 16, 1992 St. Joseph's Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. His adoptive parent's names are Paul and Beth. Was adopted through Par ...
4.JONES : White female born on 11/16/1979 born in Augusta GA but raised in Columbia County adoptive parents picked me up 11/18/1979. I am for looking for my birth parents and family.From what I understand my fa ...
5.CAITLIN : FRANK : LICHTENBERG : SMITH : Adopted on January 18th, 1990 in Key West. Left for New York within the week. Birth mother ,Possibly Jean Caitlin, had a preacher for a father and requested specifically for me to be brought up in a C ...
6.DANIELLE MARIE LUNDY : DANIELLE MARIE RINGGOLD : GLENN LUNDY : JEANETTER LUNDY : My name is Danielle, I was born on February 13, 1988 in Augusta, Georgia. I was adopted by Jeannette and Glenn Lundy. The only information I have about my birth mother is that her first name is fredia ...
7.PERKINS : I was born January 14th, 1986 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Augusta, GA. I don't know if any details I have been told are acurate, but I have heard my biological mother had other children (probably from ...
8.JONES : SMITH : Dont know much....My adoptive parents have passed away...was told that i was born in south carolina...my adoptive parents went to a home and took my birth mom out for ice cream ...she had long dark ha ...
9.MARTINEZ : I was born on June 30, 1981 at St. Lukes hopsital I believe. I weighed 7 lbs. 4 ozs. My mother is white and my fatyher is black. I was told that he was killed in a car accident before my birth and pos ...
10.EDWIN : RONALD : Brand New Apple Macbook Pro 17Inches(Full Accessories)$800. ...

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