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1.WILL NOT DISCLOSE : Baby given up for adoption to parents Suzanne (F) & Lindsay (M) from Honolulu to Chicago - birthdate 11/26/1990. Please find me. I've been looking for you all of my life. -Nina ...
2.HEIHN : SAVINO : WOLFF : YOON : Looking for birth mother counseled by Holt. Born 4/18/84 Placed in Star of the Sea Baby Home in Inchon on 4/21/84 Given Name: Yoon Jung Ah Case K84-1796 Birth mother was 20, senior student in hig ...
3.BUTLER [BIRTH MOTHER] : MCQUEEN [BIRTH FATHER] : I'am searching for a male child born in 1970 @ Kapiolanie Hospital in Honolulu Hawaii.Adoption handled by the Catholic Social Services,both parents full names and pictures were submitted at the time ...
4.WILLIAMS : I was born on October 2, 1969 in Honolulu, HI a little after 9 pm. I was told my birth parents were 16 and 17. I was born about 6 weeks early. I wasn't born in Tripler Hospital. I found out that I'm p ...
5.OMARA : SMITH : WILLIAMS : Contact Name: Ann E. Waid Contact Email Address: AnnWaid0@gmail.com Adoptee Birth Date: 02-26-1985 Adoptee Gender: Female Adoptee Birth Race: German, Irish, American Indian Name given to Adoptee ...
6.RIVERA : I'm looking for birth parents or siblings...I was born in Hawaii...I am 62 yrs old...Rivera is my adopted name..I was told but don't know for sure that my last name or family name is Comilang..I lived ...
7.LEE : Mother and/or father of male born Oct 21, 1964 To adoptive parents: Clarence and Virginia Lee ...
8.WOLL : WOLL : WOLL : WOLL : WOLL : I was born 08/02/1971 in oahu looking for birth parents. ...
9.MURPHY : NETTLETON : Well my name is Audrey Nettleton, I was adopted when I was 7 months old and born in 1965, Honolulu Hawaii. The people who adopted me their names are Odessa Nettleton and Orville Nettleton, I really d ...
10.FARIA : FARIA : FARIA : MONTALBO : MONTALBO : MONTALBO : I'm looking for my son his name was mikele'kekai not sure what his last name is now but was faria was born December 2 1993 ...

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