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30.DIERS : HUTCHERSON : Male. Born March 3, 1953 in St. Paul, MN (Ramsey County) Born last name Hutcherson. Adopted through Lutheran Children's Friend Society (now Lutheran Social Service) approximately 9 months later. Look ...
31.FEDIE : FEDIE : KING : KING : I am searching for my sibling, a brother. My mother, Constance Fedie King gave him up for adoption in on one of these years 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 I believe. My name is Renee King, I was born in 196 ...
32.GRANDBOIS : GRUMBO : LITTLE : WALLACE : Looking for adopted sibling born 1957-1960. Mother would have been 15-19 years old and single. Likely adopted through a catholic organization. Mother belonged to the class of 1960 at Woodrow Wilson ...

33.BREIMHORST : LAUGHLIN : MORGAN : I am searching for birth mother,birth father or both.I am female, blue eye's, brown hair, 6'tall. I was born March 12th 1959 at Ramsey Hospital in St.Paul,Minnesota, Ramsey County. I was adopted and b ...
34.SMITH : my birthmother, i was born on 9/17/1960 in the twin cities. i was told i was around 6-8 months old. ...
35.PEDERSON : I am helping my husband find his half sister. She was born on 7/3/1966 at Booth Memorial Hospital in St. Paul, MN. She was given the name Susan. I'm not sure if she was given the last name Pederson. ...
36.HERMANN : KEMOKAI : KOFFLER : RENNER : SKOGAS : Searching for my son born in Ramsey County at St Paul Ramsy hospital one very cold, full mooned, morning. Feb 4 1988. He is biracial...light skinned. At birth he had a small dark mark on his hand. He ...
37.BASTIAN : BASTIEN : OESTREICH : VALDELAC : VANDLAC : Adoption?? Mayme Blanche Vandlac, born circa 1894-95 family rumor says adopted from a family named Bastien in St Paul, Mn. Born Aug 1894, but Marie Blanche Laura Bastien born Sept 1 1894 or 1895 may ...
38.HRABE : KROYER : Female born 04/09/1958. Searching for birth parents. Born in Ramsey County, St. Paul. Born two weeks premature, at 11:34 am, 5 lbs. 3-1/2 oz. 18-3/4" long. Blood type AB negative. Adoption was handled ...
39.PASCHKE : SVIGEL : I am a female who was born on June 26, 1968 in Ramsey County Minnesota. My birth certificate does not state what hospital or town I was born in. My adoptive parents worked with Lutheran Social Servic ...

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