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1260.WARDROP : Any birth Family. Girl born at Gary Methodist 6/09/1947. ...
1261.DONALD SWETS : MIMI SWETS : SWARING : TED SWETS : WILLIAM SWETS : My fathers birth family, my father was born july 21 1947 in hammond indiana at st.margaret hospital. He was adopted from the swets. My father has passed away and need medical history for his daughters ...
1262.CAUTHEN : MARY : WILSON : I am searching for birth parents or siblings. I was born April 4, 1966. I have dark brown hair, blue eyes (can be green when I'm really happy). I was born in Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County). I ...

1263.PICKARD : Looking for birth parents of boy born April 18, 1978. I don't have many details, just the date and it was in Indianapolis. Just want to say Hi. ...
1264.REED : Helping a friend search for 1/2 brothers. One was born in Phoenix, AZ (age 42-45). His mother's name is Marie and she was 3/4 Indian. Dad name is Tommy Dean Reed Other brother was born in Greensbu ...
1265.SANDER : My parents. I was born in Vanderburgh County, in. My mom was 21 when she had me and my dad was 22. I was born on November 21, 1999. ...
1266.SANDER : My parents. I was born in Vanderburgh County, in. My mom was 21 when she had me and my dad was 22. I was born on November 21, 1999. ...
1267.DICKSON : I was born in vigo county in indiana my birth date is 8/28/70 my birth mothers last name was dickson. ...
1268.BOOTHBY : KELLY : Looking for birth mother, born Febuary 20, 1970 in Allen County in Indiana. Was born Tonette Kay. I would to at least like to know who my birth mother was or if she might still be alive. Was adopted ...
1269.OWEN : I am looking for my daughter that I put up for adoption in 1984. She was born on July 30, 1984 in Marion County Indiana. The hospital she was born in was Community Hospital East. The adoption was a pr ...

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