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10.CRAIG : NORRIS : REED : REID : STROUB : Adoptee looking for siblings: mother had amnesia for many years. Mother's known names: Mattie Louise Reid/Reedy/Reed Her found dates of birth: 12/13/1927-28-29 Known Husbands: T.A. (Taylo ...
11.TABER : I am searching for my daughter, who I named Hope at her birth. On your birth certificate it shows unnamed TABER. Your birth date is April 25, 1979, and were born at Schumpert Hospital in Shreveport, ...
12.DONALD JAMES WEBER : DONNA WEBER : JANET BREAUX WEBER : My birth mother. Adopted through Catholic Charities in New Orleans, Closed Adoption. Born at Hotel Dew, New Orleans on February 15, 1986. Mom was about 21. Maybe in Nursing school? Have a 5 page ...
13.BRAY : Searching for birth family My birth name, Pamela Jean Bray DOB 11/30/63 adopted through state of Louisiana. BM DOB 9/4/36. 3 half siblings, a girl born in 1951 and two boys born in 1954 and 1958. Bio ...
14.RICHARDSON : RICHESON : In seach of birth family. My mother was adpotion as and infant. We are in search of her birth family. My mother died 32 yes ago and we would like to find her birth family .Her birth mother was 16 at t ...
15.COLLIER : RABY : UNKNOWN : YAGER : YEAGER : Female Adoptee seeking birth parents or siblings. I was born in 1961 in New Orleans, LA. Birth Date on certificate says 03/28/61 but the date and month may have been altered. Crib and/or Given ...
16.BURT : ISO birth parent(s) for female born 1/25/55 at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. Adopted through St Vincent's (Catholic Charities). Child had raised strawberry birthmark on right shoulder as did mother ...
17.MILLER : Baby girl looking for birth parents DOB 04/07/1969 Born in New Orleans possibly Hotel Dieu Hospial Catholic charities handled adoption Given up for adoption at 6 weeks on 05/26/1969 Mother was 19 ...
18.BIGGS : HAHN : SEIBERT : Birth mother and/or father ...
19.FARMER : My name is Chris Farmer and I am searching for my birth parents. I was born on January 27, 1972, at 11:46am at New Orleans Baptist Hospital and adopted through Seller's. I was a healthy baby boy weig ...

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