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1.YARKA : searching for birth parents and siblings. Iwas born october 4, 1951 in bath ny was adopted in 1954 from bath ny. I do not know birth name. ...
2.COLLINS : Looking for birth family. Born as Patrick Collins December 13, 1973 Lackawanna, NY Adopted from Our Lady of Victory/Father Baker Mother was admitted Aug 10, 1973 Mother was discharged Dec 22, 19 ...
3.SANTEE : SCOUTEN : my birth mother ...

4.SANTEE : SCOUTEN : my birth mother ...
5.SANTEE : SCOUTEN : my birth mother ...
6.SANTEE : my birth mother ...
7.SANTEE : my birth mother ...
8.MILLER : Looking for my biological brother. Probably doesn't know he has a sister. I was born years later. His adoption was a closed adoption. He was born in Dansville, NY sometime in the mid 80's I think. Bir ...
9.KYLE BLANKENSHIP : Bio parents ...
10.KYLE BLANKENSHIP : Bio parents ...

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