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1.1968 : RICHERT : UNKNOWN : I am searching for my birth parents. I am a female born in Houston, TX November 20, 1968. The adoption was done by a private attorny his name was William G. Ned. My adopted parents were William and Sh ...
2.1968 : BACON : LEE : I am an adoptee searching for my birthparents and any half siblings I may have now. I was born in Houston, TX on 9/22/1968. My birth mother resided at the Crittendon Home for unwed mothers until my ...
3.???? : I am searching for my birth parents(mom was 22, she would now be 54, dad was 25, now 57) and my sister. I am 4ft 11 in, with green eyes, brown hair and olive skin. I was born in Houston, on October 4, ...
4.?????? : Sibling born in Houston, Texas with Florence Critteenton adoption agency. Female born in May 1959. ...
5.ABBEY : I am in search of my BIRTH PARENTS. I was born on(as my legal birth certificate states) DEC. 1, 1966 at St. Lukes Hospital in HOUSTON, TX. My Adopted last name is Abbey. My birth mother stayed at t ...
6.ABSHIRE : HUMPHREY : LUCKEY : Looking for birth mother. She gave birth to a girl on January 7th, 1978 in Exeter NH at around 7:30 pm. It was a closed adoption through an agency. All my papers indicate is that she was 5'6" 120 lbs ...
7.ACKER : GERMANOW : LUND : Searching for husband's biological mother. Born Houston, Texas on June 18, 1980. Mother was 20 years of age during private adoption and named Lisa Lund ...
8.ACKERMAN : Male child born July 29, 1990 at Memorial City Hospital in Houston, Texas. Adopted parents' first names are Chris and Cindy. Child's adopted name is Christopher. I think they lived in the North part o ...
9.ACREE : MAHER : VANN : maragret acree- acree was there fathers name-she would be about 60-her brother is 62 and he thinks she is a yr are two younger.they both were in the faith de pelchin orphanage when they were very youn ...
10.ADKISON : COOK : FAVAZZA : My mother recently informed me that I have an older brother that was put up for adoption. He was born Feb.2,1969 in Houston, Harris County, TX. Moms name was Michaelene Favazza Cook at the time. Fath ...

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