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1.POSSIBLY ANGELA RAY : SUZANNA SILKWOOD : i'm looking for my birthfamily. I was born august 8th 1990.adopted on august 10th 1990.i was 8 lbs and 8 oz. born in logan utah at logan regional hospital. mom was around age 17. dad was older. mom cr ...
2.BECKER : RIDDLE : I am searching for my birth mother. I was born in ogden, utah at st. benedicts hospital on march 3, 1959. Adopted at birth through catholic community services. I was told by catholic community service ...
3.PACE : RASMUSSEN : REESE : I am looking to find any relatives of my father who's adopted name was Steven pace Born February 11,1948 or around there as far as we know he was left on the doorstep and adopted to Anna Reese and Eld ...

4.FOWLKES : OMAN : WALL : Looking for parents of a baby girl born 2/17/1979, known as Sheila. She was born in Ogden Utah and was adopted in SLC Utah at 6 months old through LDS Social Services. Mother is of Irish/Danish descen ...
5.BENNION : BROCK : MICHAEL : STEPHANIE : I am looking for my birth parents or family. It was a closed adoption and unsure of name of either father or mothers names. I was born on December 10, 1990 in the old Ogden McKay Dee hospital earlier ...
6.BRYNER : I was born at Ogden's McKay Dee hospital on January, 30, 1965 at 4:12pm. My birth mother took three weeks to decide whether of not to give me up for adoption. My birth mother was a single mother of ...
7.HESS : MONTANEZ : I am searching for my daughter Ayana who was born July 20, 1996 in Ogden, UT. ...
8.JONES : I am looking for a male born July 1, 1977 in Ogden city, Weber county, Utah. I am your birth mother named Cindy Marie Jones. Find me if you can. ...
9.UNKNOWN : I am a male adoptee that was born on July 18, 1977 at Mckay Dee Hospital in Ogden, Ut. I am searching for both birth parents and welcome any potential information. Thank You ...
10.CAROL A FRENCH : CAROL A KNERR : CAROL A SHAW : I adopted my daughter at birth,in at McKay Hospital Salt lake City, Ut. Her birthday is June 28th 1969.She weighed 6lbs and8 oz.She is Hispanic/ White and born late afternoon. She was adopted though t ...

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