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10.MURPHY : I am searching for my birth parents and siblings. I was born 3/17/90. Mother was 26 when she had me. I have a half brother six years older than myself, a sister three years younger, and a brother six ...
11.GLESENKAMP : I am female born February 7, 1973 at MCV in Richmond, Virginia. I'd like to learn my medical history from my birth parents ...
12.BOGGS : MCENERY : WHITTEN : Searching for Birth Parent (s). I was born in Richmond VA as a twin March 1964. My twin brother died From spinal bifida shortly after birth in April. I was ultimately placed for adoption by Catholi ...
13.LOWE : Searching for birth mother DORIS LOWE. I was born at Mattie Williams Hosp 03-22-1984 under the name Lori Beth Lowe. My mother was caucasian, short, green eyes, and already had 4 sons from a previous m ...
14.KENNEDY : MOWBRAY : MOWBRY : Looking for birth parents. I am female and was born in Richmond VA on December 11, 1968. My original name was Hope Mowbry (Mowbray). Parents were young and were going to get married but never did ...
15.BERRY : BROWN : Female child born 1967 in Richmond, VA was supposedly adopted by Shelby Owens Washington and William Washington. ...
16.BAILEY : I am looking for my son's natural african american family. His mother was 16 at the time of his birth 4/17/1996 in Richmond, Virginia through LDS Social Services. She already had another son approxi ...
17.GUTHRIE : Looking for birth parents. Born 12/14/1962 in Richmond, VA. Adopted through Catholic Charities. Born at Richmond Memorial. ...
18.GANDY : WELCH : Searching for my mother's father On original birth certificate he is listed as W. F. Welch Mr. Welch was born in Pennsylvania and at the time of my mother's birth was in Virginia My mother ...
19.BOBBY : HACKETT : Still searching for birthparents. Am white male born 11/30/1971 @ MCV Richmond Va. Adopted in Dec 1971. ...

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