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1.GRISSO : I am searching for mother and father and any brothers or sisters ...
2.GRISSO : I am searching for mother and father and any brothers or sisters ...
3.GRISSO : I am searching for mother and father and any brothers or sisters ...

4.CHILCOTT : MOORE : SLAUGHTER : I am Diane m. Moore Whittington -My birth mom was a Chilcott tho - she was 21 yrs old when she had me -(she should be abt 74 or 75 now if still living )i also have some sisters & brothers that i d ...
5.BOYD : I was born in Roanoke, VA May 18, 1985 (currently 28). Closed apodtion and the one piece of paperwork I have says my biological mom was in college and from the midwest. I went to a foster home for th ...
6.ROE : SAUNDERS : STITH : WHITCHER : WITCHER : I am looking for my three children I have lost to the state. Your names are Demitrious, Tamara, and Felishia Saunders. But since you were adopted your last names are Whitcher. I'm white and your dad i ...
7.BROWN : COLES : HANCOCK : KENNY : I am looking for my brother who was placed under adoption in Roanoke Va on August 5 I think his birth year is 1993 or 94.I just know his first and middle name William Chance. birth mothers name is R ...
8.BUTTS : CASSIDY : GUTHRIE : LAPRADE : PADGETT : I am searching for my birth parents. I was born on May 26, 1976 at Roanoke Community Hospital. My name is Mary Kathryn Laprade. I know my birth parents were both young which is why they gave me up. In ...
9.MCCLELLAN : MOREHEAD : STANLEY : Searching for birth father. I was born 10/31/53 in Lynchburg, VA to Marilyn Stanley of Emporia, VA. Birth mother, Marilyn, was born in March of 1933. Birth mother had two older sisters, Eva and Bett ...
10.MARKUS : Hi, I am looking for my birth parents. I was born May 9th, 1994 in Roanoke, VA. I was adopted through Catholic Charities. I do not have any details regarding my birth parents. Have any details? Let me ...

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