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130.REVERMAN : I am searching for my birth mother. I was born September 25, 1975 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA. I was at St. Anne's Infant Home until approximately 3 months old. My birth mothers name is ...
131.BYRD : I am searching for my birth mother or father and am currently registering with www.warmsearch.org. I was born in Spokane, WA at Sacred Heart Hospital. Date of birth was August 27, 1963 and I was adop ...
132.JOHNSON : JOHNSSON : KALI BAHLU : WILLMAN : RE: I am searching a female born in March 1956 in Spokane Washington. Birth Mother's name was Elena Johnson, who had been in an catholic unwed mother's home. We believe that her named was changed to K ...
133.HAWORTH : ROBINSON : TEEM : My name is Morgan, and I am looking for my birth mother. I was born on July 4 1986, my brother Thomas and I were adopted together, 2 years later. We were adopted in Washington state. My mothers name i ...
134.JACKSON : MCPHEE : THOMPSON : Looking for Grady (unknown last name) - he is the birth father of a child born to Josephine Rose McPhee on September 4, 1946 in Colfax, Washington. The adoption agency lists Grady as 24 years old at ...
135.PINA : Seaching for a male put up for adoption in Pasco WA, DOB 10/21/1980 (could be 10/20/1980) born at Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital. Hispanic with lots of Dark hair when he was born. Adopted parents possib ...
136.PICKETT : Baby girl Suzy born Oct 10, 1963 at University Hospital Seattle WA at 1:46 PM. Birth mother Dorothy stayed at Katherine Luther Home before I was born. She was born in 1944. Birth father Thomas was ...
137.HART : looking for birth parents , was born Oct 9th , 1968 Female in Spokane , wa.... was told I have two natural brothers ....told birth father was Air force and birth mother was German born at Sacred Hear ...
138.MANTZ : male born February 17, 1956 in Spokane, Washington. Adopted by an Idaho couple who were unable to have children of their own. ...
139.BALDWIN : Birth mother of a baby boy born March 5, 1954 at approximately 5:00p.m. Adopted very close to birth. Believe Dr. Robert Van Dorn could have been the physician who delivered the baby but not sure. The ...

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