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300.LEANNE HANLEY : Birth parents ...
301.KYRSTIN KAY GREENE : Looking for my birth mother who gave birth to me 34years ago on August 29th at Sacred Heart Hospital. I was 5 pounds 5 oz I think I was born in late morning. I have no other information except that th ...
302.UNKNOWN : In search of birth parents. Birth mother: Lola, 17, Dutch, Irish, Norwegian, and English descent. Baptist. 5' 6 3/4", blonde, hazel eyes. Youngest of three children. Birth father: 23, 5'7", blue e ...

303.YEAGER : YOUNG : I am searching for my older half brother who was born on March 11, 1966 in Spokane, WA. Possible name given at birth - Rollie??? ...
304.ANTHONY : JORGENSEN : I am searching for birth parents. I am a girl. I was born on 11/23/1971 in Spokane Washinton, in Sacred Heart Hospital. My name given to me in the hospital was "Angel Kay". I was told that my mother ...
305.SCHRECK : SHAWLEY : my birth mother ...
306.SCHRECK : SHAWLEY : my birth mother ...
307.ROGERS : ROSS : birth parents I was born in spokane WA on 6-15-49. Birthmother was from seattle and 14-15yrs old and played piano. Believe her parents were in the grocery business. Birthfather was a twin from sea ...
308.UNKNOWN : I am searching for any siblings I might have. I was born August 31, 1957 at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Washington. I was adopted immediately thru a private adoption. ...
309.DILLON : MCKERNEY : Birth parents and siblings aunts uncles I was born at sacred heart hosp in spokane wa 11/23/1949 I was adopted by helen & jesse mckerney from catholic services all in spokane wa when i was about 2 ...

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