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350.ELSHIRE : RENKEN : RIPPLINGER : ZIMMERMAN : I am Crystal Zimmerman, 38 yrs. old. My parents had a baby boy and regretfully had to put him up for adoption, that would make him my true blood brother. He was born August 21, 1969 at the Katherine L ...
351.DEBBIE : MAY 1985 : WASHINGTON : I am searching for my birth mother. I am a female born 5/18/1985 in Spokane, WA. My adoptive parents say I was born at Deaconess Medical Center. I was born with jet black hair (it is now brown)and bro ...
352.BABY DAWN : ROBERTS : BORN 4/18/1970 looking for BM and SIBBLINGS!! Born in Wenatchee, WA.at St Anthonys Community Hospital,through "Childrens Home Society" I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers One boy at the age of 4 that d ...

353.LINSCOTT : PIERCE : I am a 38 year old woman searching for my birth mother. I was born January 2 1971 in spokane washington at sacred heart hospital. I dont really have much information about it but i have heard that it ...
354.UNKNOWN : I am a female named "Linda" at birth, I was born November 20, 1957 at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Wa. and adopted through Washington Childrens Home Society. I went home with my adoptive parents Feb ...
355.BETTY BURNER : BURNER : CLIFF BURNER : PRICE : Charles Churchill. Would have been 15-17 in May of 1949. I was in a little orphange house for 3 months in Spokane. Probably born in Decaness Hospital. ...
356.HARTY : HARTY_HOLLINS : HOLLINS : I'm looking for my birth mother, Her name Wilma Evageline Harty-Hollins. I just want to meet her and know more about the family I never meet. I have no hard feeling about what happen and I realize ho ...
357.GOLDFINCH : STRONG : WILLIAMS : I am searching for my fathers twin brothers that were adopted in spokane washington ( birth names were Brent and Brett Williams Birthday Oct 22, 1965) also another brother of his Kevin williams ...
358.MEYER : NICHOLSON : ROBECK : I was adopted in June of 1969 from Catholic Charities in Spokane Wa. My name at that time was Catherine. Now it is Valerie. My Maiden name is Meyer. I was adopted by loving parents from Colton Wa. I w ...
359.WILLIAMS : Searching for Birth Mother/Family. FEMALE My D.O.B. December 1, 1980. City: Spokane, Washington at the Sacred Heart Medical Center at 5:42 a.m. Birth Weight 6 lbs 12 oz. Attending Physician name: D. ...

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