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170.GOOCH : ISO Birth mother and father - I was born at St Joseph's hospital May 4, 1977 (5/4/77) and the adoption was handled by Chapperal. According to non identifying information: B-Mom was 16, has brown hair ...
171.BABY BOY BROWN : BROWNING : BROWNING - CALIFORNIA ADOPTION : BROWNING- NEW MEXICO : Looking for anyone in the birth family tree. I was born on Dec 13,1961 at Mount Zion Hospital in San Fransico California. My name at the hospital was "baby boy brown", My birth mothers last name was B ...
172.CALHOUN : Looking for birthparents. I was born July 10th, 1968 in El Paso, Texas. I am female. I am hoping to find any family members, and I am open to a relationship. ...

173.BABY BOY CURTIS : JOHNSON IS MY ADOPTED NAME : I am searching for my birth family. The name on my original birth certificate is Baby Boy Curtis. I was born at University Hospital in Albuquerque on May 5, 1963. I am a white male. I believe my mothe ...
174.BROOKS : FLANAGAN : My name is Laura Flanagan (birth name is Oneida Ann Brooks) I am in search of my birth parents or any other family members. I don't know anything about my birth mother or father except my birth mother ...
175.UNKNOWN : WILLIS : My dearest mother and father, I was born 23 years ago today in albequerque, new mexico.I am white and female born in 1989. My adoption was through lds social services. My mom was fifteen when she fir ...
176.ELAINE : ERMELINDA : JANETTE : MARY : RENYOLDS : I was adopted in Albuqueque New Mexico. I was born November 4, 1972 to a Mary (no lastname). She is a twin. I am Mexican American. My Doctors lastname was Zimmermam (spelling not sure) I am a fema ...
177.MARTINEZ : NAQUIN : Birth Mother's name is (?) Mary (Maria) Martinez. My birthname is Katherine. I was born 10/7/57 in New Orleans, LA. Adopted through Catholic Charities. B/M tried to find out whether I was adopted in t ...
178.EMM : Searching for husbands biological mother. Baby boy born in El Paso, Texas, on April 18, 1969. We are told that he was born in a covent/catholic church, also referred to as an orphanage, run by nuns f ...
179.ARMIJO : BACA : Biological parents or siblings: Baca/Armijo, female, born 1958 in Bernallio County/Albuquerque, NM ...

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