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1.BAILEY : BALDWIN : ROBINS : I am searching for my birth father or other family members of my birth father in the London, ON or surrounding area. My mother's maiden name was Carol M. Robins, now Carol M. Bailey, I was adopted by ...
2.HILLMAN : WHEELER : i am looking for my son kevin lorne james hillman he was born March 23 1995... he will be 18 this year ... also i am looking for my daughter tiffany amber nichole hillman she was born april 27 1996... ...
3.COWAN : LOGAN : I am current;y searching for my Biological mother, Nancy Lynn Cowan (nee: Logan) who was born on January 9th 1971 in Ontario Canada. I have since re-united with my Biological father whom I currently l ...
4.CROZIER : WILSON : I am a birth sibling. My name is Kimberly Wilson. I am looking for Jeff not sure of his last name if it was the same as my dads which is Rick Wilson or his moms which is Rhonda Crozier Jeff was ad ...
5.BRYANT : DESJARDINS : REEB : TIFFIN : I am searching for both my birth mother, Debra Lynn Desjardins and my birth father, Drew Macnamara Tiffin. My name at birth was Krystil Leigh Kelli Tiffin. I was born on December 25, 1976 at Grace Hos ...
6.ASHTON : RAYMENT : Searching for information about birth family. Mother's maiden name Lulu Jeanette Rayment; delivered a female child in London Ontario on September 3, 1954. Child named Karen Lynn at birth. Name was ch ...
7.PEMBLETON : Female born February 28, 1979 in St Thomas, Ontario. Birth name, Erin (changed to Tiffany) Birth mother's name is Ruth. ...
8.MERRITT : STRONG : Janis Ann Strong Born: October 23, 1945 19 Montcalm Street, St. Thomas, Ontario Parents: Arnold F. Strong Audrey I. Strong (Merritt) ...
9.BACKHOLM : I am looking for my "BIRTH MOTHER" Quonita (not sure if that is the right way to spell her name) though I do not know her last name due to her most likly re-marrying to another family's name, she was ...
10.MIZON : REES : I am searching for the son of Irene Mizon who had a son who was put up for adoption in 1976.He was born at Strathroy Middlesex Hospital on December 1, 1976? - in Strathroy Ontario. He probably has 2 ...

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