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370.BOWMAN : ZENGER : I am the daughter of a Native American adoptee. My father was born on November 10, 1959 in Portland, Oregon. I believe he was taken home from St. Vincent hospital by my grandparents; however, the adop ...
371.CHIMENTO : Birth Parents of Zachariah Chimneto. Birthdate 8/7/1986 in Portland,Oregon ...
372.JOHNSON : Birth parent. adopted in Portland thru boys and girls aid. Birth date June 3 1956 ...

373.JOHNSON : Birth parent. adopted in Portland thru boys and girls aid. Birth date June 3 1956 ...
374.FILES : I am a male that was born January 20, 1970 in Los Angeles California at Booth Memorial hospital, my mom was 19 last name Kramer, my father was 22 Files is my adopted name the dr. was dr Elizabeth Ne ...
375.YOON : I was found on a park bench in Taegu in April of 1973. Taken to policebox by passerby then taken to White Lily orphanage. I was estimated to be 3 years old at the time I was found. Korean name: Yoo ...
376.MULQUEEN : RAMIREZ : SPRING : I am looking for my birth mother who is Linda Mulqueen. ***edit: 8/10/2012**** Thank you for all that have sent information about a search, unfortunately none of them have been the right person. T ...
377.THOMPSON : searching for birth parents, I am a male, I was born in Oregon on October 8, 1977. All I know is that my birth mom was still in school and my birth father was out of school and working. I weighed 5lb ...
378.MADDEN : RIEGELHUTH : Searching for my birth mother Terry Riegelhuth, from Portland Oregon. I was born in San Francisco, CA 10/5/68. ...
379.ABEITA : GLAZIER : MONROE : WILLIAMS : Looking for a older brother ..born in flagstaff in 1969.. maybe He is unknown of it..and adopted out of Phoenix or tuson to a Latino / Mexican family ... he would be about 40-42 yrs old..he is full bl ...

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