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370.SCHINDLER : Searching for my birth parents, born 13 April 1969, Portland Oregon. That's all the information I have. ...
371.BOLTON : MCMASTER : Looking for my birth mother/father. I was born April 2 1970 in Umatilla County, Oregon. I was told I was in foster care or a ward of the state prior to my adoption and possibly my mother was part nati ...
372.GERAGHTY : My name is Kyle, I was born on October 2nd, 1994. I was born in Prineville, Oregon. I have brown curly hair, and brown eyes. I'd like to contact my birth mother/father. ...

373.FOUTS : I was born in Good Samaritan hospital in Multnoma or Clackamas County Oregon at 10:43 a.m. on October 23, 1965. My birth mother's last name was Fouts. My information is that she was very young and w ...
374.FOUTS : I was born in Good Samaritan Hospital in Multnoma County Oregon at 10:43 a.m. on October 23 1965. My birth mother's last name was Fouts. My mother was very young and was apparently struggling with t ...
375.AILSHIRE : ROBINSON : your name is Amber Rose Ailshire ,Your Mothers name was Tammy Lynn Ailshire, You were born on Dec 29 1985,I am your father,I do not believe my name was on the birth certificate,but I do believe I sign ...
376.HIGHLAND : MABIE : Biological brother Joshua Highland. Born 11/06/78 in Portland Oregon to Joanie Mabie ...
377.TIMONEN : Looking for information on Lena Helen Timonen born 1914. I believe her uncle was August C. Timonen of Columbia Co. Oregon. She was adopted by Della and William Kruger of Tigard, OR just before her 2nd ...
378.STROMAN : Looking for my uncle born July 20-22, 1944 at White Shield Home in Portland, OR. His first & middle names at birth were Grant Leigh. His mother's name at the time of his birth was Sonia Marion Strom ...
379.SLY : SLY-HALEY : SMITH : Looking for my birth mother. I was born December 3, 1982 in Salem Oregon at 7:01am. Was adopted the next day. Birth mother's name at time of birth was Aidalu Smith and she was 24 caucasian living in S ...

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