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370.FITCH : SHIELDS : searching for my sister born March 12, 1969 at Oregon Health Science University in Portland. I believe this adoption was throught the Oregon State DHS. Mother has dark hair and brown eyes, average bui ...
371.JOHANN : I am looking for my birth family. My name is Amy. I was born May 9th 1984. My mom was 14 and my dad was 16. I was born at Sacred Heart. My birth mom gave me an ornament for my first Christmas. Luthera ...
372.CHUNG : Birth mom, dad, grandpa, uncles, etc. Born August 31, 1992 in Portland OR at Providence Hospital. Birth mom was around 14 years old when I was born. Her dad didn't know she was pregnant until she wa ...

373.CURRY : Shawn Michelle Curry Born 6-2-1974 Iowa City Hospital adopted out through Catholic Charities Sioux City I have dark hair and blue eyes and she had straight dark hair and dark blue eyes I only lived in ...
374.JACOBSON : I' am looking for a male in his 40's birthday is February 13th not sure of the year, possibly 1971? He was adopted at a week old I believe from Portland Oregon. His birth mother is from Washington st ...
375.SANFORD : SMITH : Son, born at Emanuel Hospital, in Portland Oregon on July 18, 1984. No name on birth certificate. Birth mother from Beaverton, OR. Bio father from Portland OR. Placed for closed private adop ...
376.JESSICA ANTONIA : Michelle lynn killsright ...
377.MUSE : I'm a 38 year old female searching for my birh father and mother.My mom's name is patricia Osbourne,fathers name is charles Muse,I was born at Dornbecher childrens hostpital on january 13th,1975.I was ...
378.CLARK : RICKARDS : TANNER : I was born on May 2, 1972 in Oregon I am a girl. I was adopted to an LDS (Mormon) couple. The couple relocated to Utah after I was born and returned to Oregon to finalize my adoption but returned to U ...
379.BORDELON : LEDBURY : LOVE : Hi, I'm looking for my Boyfriend's biological family. His name is Anthony, born 12/27/1992 he says he was born in Newport Oregon. We found out from his Aunt's ad that his Biological last name is Ledbu ...

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