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1.OSULLIVAN : I am searching for my son born at Lankenau Hospital on September 24th 1978. He was adopted through Catholic social services in Chester County, PA. This may be recorded in Chester County Court system. ...
2.GREER : Anyone related to me biologically. ...
3.RAFT : SCHAFFER : I am looking for my daughter, she was given up for adoption in 1986 in Beaver Falls, PA. It was a private adoption and her birth parents are from Michigan. This photo was taken the day she was born a ...
4.EHMAN : PALM : PETRO : I am looking for my birth parents. Their last known location is Blairsville, PA. I was adopted when I was 3 days old in Latrobe Hospital. My DOB is 1/12/1985. I was told my birth parents don't want an ...
5.SHAW : WARNER : Sibling of adoptee male born 1968 at York Osteopathic Hospital to Jan Warner Shaw age 16.private adoption through the hospital and possibly Dr. HINKLE. ...
6.DAJNOWSKI : PETONIAK : Nephew, born 09/30/1983 in Binghamton, NY. The birth father, my brother, has died. I'm not in touch with the birth mother. I would love to connect with my nephew. His birth name was Erik. Father ...
7.MARLEEN : MARLENE : NICOLE : Birth mother,father, any family ...
8.PRINGLE : SWEET : Searching for my half brother, born in Scranton, PA, between January and June 1987. Message me for the names of the birth parents. ...
9.MACDONALD : Looking for biological parents and or siblings. I am a caucasian female born December 8, 1958. I was born healthy with the normal 10 fingers and 10 toes and a thumb sucker. I am 5'3" with blue eyes. M ...
10.MATTHEW : I am a male who was born "Brian James" in OCTOBER 9th 1982.My name has changed since. My mother had to give me away when she was 19 and I have always felt and empty part of myself. I was born at Mer ...

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