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60.HOVLAND : STANLEY : my son that was born in cheyenne in the last week of may of 85 and sdopted by a family in wyoming that already had one adopted son and lived on a ranch. I was 17 at the time of the adoption and alrea ...
61.KINTZLER : Searching for birth mother or family. Born September 16, 1973 in Cheyenne Wyoming at DePaul Hospital. Adopted through Catholic Charities adoption service. ...
62.BENNETT : JOHNSON : MORGAN : I was born in Laramie Wyoming on January 28, 1969 to a hispanic mother and a african american father (I turned out BEAUTIFUL) --- I am desperately trying to find my birthmother for alot of reasons, in ...

63.CATTLES : CHESBRO : COPITSKY : KAPITSKY : KOPITSKI : I am looking for my birth mother. I was born Dec. 22, 1963. I am female with green eyes and dark brown hair. I was born in the Sheridan, WY hospital to a woman by the name of Shirley Kapitsky( I am ...
64.WILKINSON : WISHAM : I am looking for my birth mother, I know her name is Gina Wilkinson, I was born January 28, 1992 in Afton, Wyoming. My name on my birth certificate is Trevor John Wilkinson. I also know that she was b ...
65.KIRKWOOD : MCDONALD : My name is michele.. i am searching for my son whom i gave up for adoption at birth.. my son was born on halloween of 1987 ..(10-31-87)in the rock springs wyo hospital in sweetwater county..you have s ...
66.KIMBERLY : My name is Kimberly. i am a white female. I was born June 21st 1972, in Casper wy. At the wy medical center. I am looking for any of my family. All I know is my mom was very young. ...
67.KEVIN : Biological mother,Cheyenne Wyoming, February 1980 ...
68.ROJO : TATE : I am searching for any birth family. I am a white female born 1/12/1979 in Sheridan Wyoming. I do not know surnames but I believe my birth mother may have been in her early 20's. ...
69.SCHULZE : TRAN : I was told I was born July 17, 1974 in Bien Hoa, VN. I am 38 years old now and just found out (3 days ago) that I was adopted. My "parents" were Tran Thi Loan and Carl D. Schulze. I left Vietnam and c ...

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