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1.MCCOWAN : born March 7, 1957 in Ste. Jean sur Richelieu, suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada adoptive parents told me they received me when I was 6 months old I don't have any other info at all. ...
2.DUQUET : LEWIS : PROVOST : VAILLANCOURT : Searching my birth mother who give birth to me a boy in october 1948 in Montreal,qc,canada ...
3.MELANSON : Looking for information on my grandfather. My father was born in 1940 in Montreal to a Catholic unwed mother from Shediac New Brunswick (my grandmother, deceased). He was either in an orphanage or h ...
4.FILION : Maurice Filion or Joseph Maurice Filion, I have tied to message you a couple of times but I am unsure if the messages are going through. Please email me at boydbutterfly@hotmail.com ...
5.CHANTAL : I am searching for my parents My mother was apparently 19 years old and the elder child in a family of eight children or more when she add me I was placed at "la Crêche de l'Enfant Jésus (Québec or ...
6.BEAULIEU : JORON : Looking for birth parents or siblings. I was born June 29, 1960. My adoption took place in Chicoutimi, Quebec. My adopted parents are from Chicoutimi, Quebec. My Adpoted parents names are Louis Joron ...
7.BOURASSA : Searching for my biological birth parents. They were young when they had me. I was given up for adoption in Verdun, Quebec. They named me Stephanie Bourassa. I was born on April 11,1974. ...
8.GOUDIE : GOULET : My name is Ray Goudie. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Feb. 25, 1964. I recently learned that I was adopted and that my birth mother's name was Réjeanne Goulet. I am hoping to reunite wit ...
9.FREEMAN : FREEMAN : LEGER : LEGER : MORGEN : MORGEN : WIEBLER : WIEBLER : Birth parents, siblings I was Born in Quebec City Sept 16, 1964 at La Misericorde Hospital in Quebec, placed in Creche St. Vincent De Paul in Quebec. Adopted by James and Frances Wiebler from ...
10.UNKNOWN : Male born November 19th 1969 in Westmount Quebec. Looking for birth mother. Was not adopted right away. I believe I was placed in foster care for 6 to 9 months prior to being adopted. Do not know name ...

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