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1.CODY : EBERT : MCDONOUGH : Seeking Waltraum or Waltraud Ebert Cody who gave birth to a son Rudolf December 30, 1956 in or around Esslingen Germany who was adopted in December, 1958 by Charles and Marian McDonough and renamed Mi ...
2.ERICA HETTRICH : ERICA HETTRICH : My birth mother I was adopted in hanau orphanage 1961 July 24 birthday by William glanville when he was stationed there mother was 21 and put me up for adoption my birth name was Erica hettrich please ...
3.GEBLAWI : We are small family adopted born girl from Libyan orphanage since 2009, now she's 4 years and 6 months old she is our princess and would like to give her sister. We have capability to adoption new bor ...
4.MAYER : SHARP : SHARP-SMITH : My birth mother , a factory employee,Greta Mayer,Catholic. Resided in Wildtal, Landkreis Freiburg im Breisgau, Rebberg 77 - File #3017 Freiburg im Breisgau, 4. November,1954 Gave birth to a girl, C ...
5.SOBOTTA : Looking for my biological family. I was born in Ravensburg Germany according to my birth certificate on 10/28/1965. I was placed in a orphanage that I believe to be St. Josef in Baindt. It is now a sc ...
6.MEIER : Looking for Birth mother, Cacilia Meier ( born April 12, 1953) At the time of my birth July 1, 1971 she resided in Bamberg. My birth name was Sven Clifford Meier. I was adopted at approxiamtely 9 mont ...
7.GEORG : KEVIN : KIMBERLEY : KITZINGEN : WUPPERTAL : Germany Searching for Georg, born 04/17/1960 in Wuppertal,now living in USA, he was adopted 1960 in Kitzingen, the new parents called him Kevin and they had an older sister Kimberley at the time of ...
9.GORDELY : SANDATE : I was born and adopted in Herrching Germany, 1964. My birth mother was an American with the last name, Sandate. My birth father's name was not added to any of the adoption paperwork. I was told he w ...
10.JONES : SHETROMPF : WHITE : my name is judith ann jones (judy) my exhusbands name at time of birth is john alvin jones jr. we both lived in killeen texas in the 70s.he was stationed in the army there.ft.hood texas.at the time i ...

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