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60.GOOD : HARTLEY : SCOTT : YOUNG : Beverley Scott ( Young) John Good ...
61.DODSON : VICKERS : I was born on 3 July 1968 in Lower Hutt Hospital. Mothers name Cheryl who was around 18 at the time of the birth. I was renamed Joanne in the hospital before being renamed again by adopted family. I ...
62.GIBB : GRAY : MOON : I am searching for a son born in Wellington about 1958-59 to Mary Gibb. The child was adopted out through Salvation Army arrangements after birth. My name is James Gray. I am the birth father and wa ...
63.BARCLAY : CROOKS : Im looking for my half brother maybe called Ian he was born to my mother Valerie Mary Barclay he was born in Bethany Hospital wellington between the years of maybe 1958 to 1960 guessing I belive he wa ...
64.PIPER : PIPER : I am searching for my sons birth parents. Mark was born on 4 December 1972 in Lower Hutt hospital. We were told that his birth mum was a teacher, a catholic who wanted her baby to go to a catholic fam ...
65.CRIBB : Hi my names Michelle im from auckland NZ and im searching for my brother/sister who was born in christchurch hospital my mums name is Michelle Cribb i would seem to think that the child my mum had mig ...
66.BOND : My father was born 6.6.1944 in Masterton New Zealand. His given name at birth was Anthony Bond,now known as John Douglas ...
67.TRAYNOR : My son born in Wellington hospital in 1977 and named Jason by his adoptive parents. They lived in the outer Wellington suburbs, possibly one of the new Hutt suburbs (Maungaraki etc). He probably has d ...
68.BLAKEY : HAUTAPU : SMITH : I am looking on behalf of my mum Carolyn Blakey. She was adopted at birth to Babara and Geoffrey Blakey. She was born either 14th or 17th August 1962 in Auckland NZ. All we know is her Birth mothers n ...
69.PETERSEN : My father was born on Sept 24 1964 in Lower Hutt New Zea land he was adopted by Vickie and Brian Petersen. My father and I are very curious as to his original birth name and parents. These things are ...
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