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60.RAY : WALDRON : My name is Marie Waldron nee Ray. I was adopted out in MAY 1973 in NZ, Wairarapa. I was born in Masterton/Greytown, think it was Masterton. I don't know my birth parents names. I was adopted t ...
61.GAY : SILLIS : Hi there, I am searching for my birth mother and father, their names are/were Donna Lucia Gay and A man by the name of Ken. I was born in Lower hutt hospital on the 12th june 1975, my name at that ...
62.STEWART : i was born july 15th 1974 in wellington, i am looking for my birth parents . i am male. i was born in wellington hospital. i was given a cancerian star sign necklace by my birth mother. ...
63.AIONO : HURST : NEPIA : SMITH : I was born in Wairoa hospital 7 October 1962.I am looking for my father, name is Calvin Smith.When I was conceived my birth mother Norma Nepia was in the Navy cadets in Auckland. ...
64.CHAPPELL : I am searching for my birth parents, either the father of mother have the surname Chappell and are i believe from Lower Hutt, Wellington. I was born at Lower Hutt Hospital, July 12, 1974 and adopted ...
65.JONES : WOOLER : WOOLLER : Looking for birth parents. Adoptee was born on Aug 9, 1980 in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Birth mother is Nita Maree Wooller (possibly Juanita Maria Wooler) and was from New Zealand. Birth father was fro ...
66.BETTANY : GRUBI : MILSON : SMITH : my mum or dad jenny and david i was adopted out in 1991 in wellington nz i was born 12/12/91 i really want to meet them and hope they want to meet me 2 i understand they will have there own familys no ...
67.PIRIE : SCOWN : I am looking for my birth mother, her name is Sandra (Sandy). I was born in Wellington Hospital, 19/11/75. My name is Alexander Pirie ...
68.PAA : I am searching for my birth mother information from orginal birth certificate: Lyla Margaret nee Paa of New Plymouth I was born june 1 1958 in wellington I was to be named Helen Louise Paa ...
69.MITCHELL : I am looking for my birth father or mother. My name is Wendy Mitchell and I was born in Lower Hutt Hospital on the 29th September 1958 and was adopted by Max and Shirlie Mitchell who reside in Upper H ...
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