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60.CLIFTON : Hi i am looking for my grand parents who adopted my mum out she was born on the 29th September 1958 at lower hutt hospital. Max and shirlie Mitchell adopted my Mum. I think my mums real mums last name ...
61.HOOKER : I am wanting to connect with my child born 3/11/1975 at Lower Hutt public Hospital. A baby girl named Margaret Hooker whose name was changed to Jaqueline by her Adoptive parents.I am her birth mother ...
62.BROWN : CAMPBELL : DAYMOND : KAMIRA : My name is Angela Daymond and I am searching for my birth father whom is possibly of Maori descent and named Joe Campbell, his family were from Wairoa area then Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt & later possibly m ...
63.HUTCHINS : My real name is Leon Mark ...
64.HUTCHINS : My real name is Leon Mark ...
65.CLEMENTS : HOLLISS : I am searching for my half sister - she was born in Alexandra Home for Unmarried Woman in Newtown Wellington on the 16th August 1964.At birth she was named Evelyn Marie Clements or Holliss. Our mothe ...
66.KVALHEIM : Jean Marion Pulham of wellington. Gave birth to and gave up a girl for adoption in october 1972. ...
67.GOOD : HARTLEY : SCOTT : YOUNG : Beverley Scott ( Young) John Good ...
68.DODSON : VICKERS : I was born on 3 July 1968 in Lower Hutt Hospital. Mothers name Cheryl who was around 18 at the time of the birth. I was renamed Joanne in the hospital before being renamed again by adopted family. I ...
69.GIBB : GRAY : MOON : I am searching for a son born in Wellington about 1958-59 to Mary Gibb. The child was adopted out through Salvation Army arrangements after birth. My name is James Gray. I am the birth father and wa ...
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