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1.ACHITO : AMANDA : ARACELI : INES : MARIA : I am looking for my biological mother.Her name is Amanda Maria or Maria Amanda Achito. Amanda was from Buenaventura in Colombia, but she was working in an family in Cali to be able to support herself ...
2.QUESADA : Busco a NILSA QUESADA, Bogotá (Colombia) http://www.buscapersonas.org/buscar-familia-biologica/ad/busco-familia-biologica,100.html Busco a la señora NILSA QUESADA, la cual tuvo una bebe en el 31 de ...
3.BEALE : CIFUENTES : LORA : SALCEDO : STITTMATER : Hi I am searching for my birth parents. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia in the early 90s (most likely 1993). I was born with hip dysplasia. My birth parents took me to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Hos ...
4.MUñOZ : MUñOZ : MUñOZ : MUñOZ : MUñOZ : MUñOZ : PIEDRAHITA : PIEDRAHITA : PIEDRAHITA : PIEDRAHITA : PIEDRAHITA : PIEDRAHITA : Busco un primo hijo de una tía,la tia se llama Edilma PIEDRAHITA Muñoz, el muchacho se llamaba David PIEDRAHITA, pero eso fue cuando ella lo tenía, después que ella lo dejo en bienestar familiar, ...
5.CIFUENTES : Searching for ROSA CIFUENTES, BOGOTA (COLOMBIA) https://www.facebook.com/pages/ROSA-Cifuentes-Colombia/174198512767100 Busco a la sra. ROSA CIFUENTES, la cual tuvo un bebe en el Instituto Matern ...
6.TYBERG : TYBERG : TYBERG : TYBERG : TYBERG : Hi my name is toby tyberg. I was adopted april 1982in bogota colombia to jewish orthodox parents from brooklyn ny. I dont know my birth name or the name of the orphanage i was at. Im looking for the ...
7.FERRO : GONZALEZ : Hola, me llamo Maria del Carmen Gonzalez naci el 18de Mayo 1979 en Cali, Colombia. Fui abandonada en el orfanatorio "Chiquitines " cuando creo que tenia 18 meses o menos. Fui adoptada por padres Arge ...
8.LUQUé : PROVOST : I was born on June 25 1976. The birthname on my Colombian passport in Aminta Luque . My adopted parents were from Westport Connecticut. they had tried to adopt with United States but were unable to. ...
9.DEL PILAR : HERRON : I was born in Bogota, Colombia May 1968 at the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Looking for my biological mother and any unknown siblings that I might have. Father's name and origin was unknown. Mother's ...
10.ACERO : ORDONEZ : Hola, mi nombre es Stephany Acero y naci en Villahermosa, Tolima el 8 de Julio de 1998. Mi mama me bandono en el hospital Ismael Perdomo y las estoy buscando junto con mis hermanos. ...
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